Welcome to the family

We've been blessed to serve our community over the years. And once you've been a part of our sale, you're family. So...welcome to our JBF Family!

A mom and her three kids stand in front of a rack of girls clothes at their local BF sale.

Hi, I'm Gabrielle!

I get it, raising kids is expensive! That's why I wanted to bring Just Between Friends to my community—to provide a way for families to take great care of their growing kids by shopping and selling!

My Family

My husband and I have two young children that love when we shop JBF sales. My daughter(4y) loves picking out her own clothes and shoes so we make it a fun shopping trip for her at the sale! On the other hand my son(2y) has grown way too fast this past year and I'm thankful we are able to save so much from buying his clothes at JBF sales! 

Our Team

I truly believe that we have the BEST Team! Anyone can become a Team Member and ! We would not be able to have such an amazing sale if it wasn't for the hard work and passion from our Team! We have incentives as well for Team to shop before our Presale! Check our Selling page for more information about becoming a Team Member!


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